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Minimalistic Stairs

DRK Development Inc. was founded in 1993 and for the past 26 years has been a full service General Contractor. Founded by Reed Kelley, DRK has completed a broad spectrum of projects ranging from single-family plat developments, single-family home construction, multi-family construction, assisted living/retirement facilities, and commercial office construction.  
DRK personally oversees details, from breaking ground to final inspections, to ensure projects are built accordingly to projected timelines. Weekly visits to our sites and daily on-site monitoring are some of the tools DRK uses to build the highest quality project for its customers. Additionally each project has its own web-based job site camera allowing project partners to view progress remotely. Each supplier and subcontractor is carefully chosen for the quality of their work and materials, and most have been working with us for many years. Additionally, DRK Development has experienced administrative staff, who are easily accessible and responsive. 
Prior to founding DRK, Reed was the Vice President of Construction for Holly Residential Properties. During his time at Holly, he oversaw the construction of over 500 single-family homes and more than 4,500 multi-family units. From the beginning, DRK Development’s main focus has been in the residential construction area. In particular, DRK has extensive expertise with urban apartment construction consisting of a post tensioned concrete / structural slab with 4 to 5 stories of wood construction above.

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